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In order to make our events as professional and enjoyable as possible for all persons, these rules must be respected

1. No own drinks may be brought to the venue unless the venue / house allows it.

2. Professional cameras are not allowed on our events without accreditation.

3. Asgaardian Events distances themselves from any right-wing and left-wing extremist attitudes. Our concerts have a multicultural and intellectual background and emphasize the importance of diversity. There is no space for petty politics in our concerts, anyone who's wearing t-shirts or patches from artists who disrespect this or tend to be right-wing extremists will be asked to remove / burn them or will be promptly removed from the venue (Such as NSBM. Ex. Peste Noire, Temnozor, Absurd, Kroda, Goatmoon, GBK, Satanic Warmaster, Infernum, Infernal War, Wolfnacht, Abyssic Hate, Wotanorden, Ad Hominem, Молат, etc...).  We respect every musical taste but as we say: "Religion and political opinion are like a penis, it's good to have one or to be proud of it. But don't take it out in public." 

4. Natural persons who endanger their environment or show any kind of hostility are immediately removed from the venue.

5. Our tickets will only be refunded in case of a canceled concert or headliner.

6. It might happen that the ticket delivery takes up to 14 days if there is still plenty of time left until the event takes place. Please respect this. It will be useless to call us every day, we have other full time activities and all of the profits goes to the artists.

7. The protection of your data is extremely important to us. Therefore, we of course pay attention to the applicable regulations of data protection law when you visit our website. Within the scope of the legal permission according to § 7 Abs. 3 UWG, we are allowed to use the e-mail address you specified when purchasing a ticket or contacting us regarding our events for direct advertising of our own similar events in the form of a newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive these newsletter, you can always object to the corresponding use of your e-mail address by unsubscribing from our mailouts by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained in each newsletter.

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